Western New York is a very special place! With its magnificent rolling hills, expansive beautiful valleys, and majestic lake plains....our area stands out as a spectacular wonderland of nature. With our four seasons of the year, there is something very special about our region... be it summer, fall, winter and spring. Coming soon, we will be entering that bountifully flourishing and colorful season following winter. The following poem-which I have written-sets the downbeat, tone, score, pitch, and cadence...figuratively speaking of course... for the emergence of the wonderfully dynamic season we call "Spring".


The skies are getting brighter
And spring is nearly here
It is the awakening of a season
Mother nature springs with cheer.

The sun is getting higher
Longer days have made the grade,
The season's warmth is a'comin'
Adjoining the colorful spring parade.

The trees have taken notice
And soon will be arrayed,
To mark this special season
All dressed up for the spring parade.

The spring birds have all been a'flocking
And are ready for the day,
To begin the nesting season
For summer months in which to stay.

The spring flowers received the message
And they freshly will appear.
With yellow daffodils and purple crocus
Parading their bountiful colorful cheer.

The grass and fresh spring meadows
Have also taken note,
That they too, in spring-like fashion
Are putting on their spring green coat.

The farmers' fields have awakened
With plowshares turning the ground,
And are readying for the growing season
For spring planting to abound.

All of nature is truly excited
For the spring parade will soon begin,
With nature's prideful glowing splendor
A blue ribbon... sure to win!