Our area in western New York State is a most beautiful and productive geographic location. Today in our column, we "highlight " in these verses, just one of the many most pleasant and scenic of communities in the area.


By Robert L. Heichberger

Between the bountiful hillsides
With meadows and trees all sublime,
There is a valley with splendorous texture
And a running creek flowing in prime.

The hills are arrayed with choice splendor
Whatever season or time of the year,
They dress with colorful adornment
Giving to many, an abundance of cheer.

The two Counties...Cattaraugus and Erie stand side by side
And the Village bridges the two;
The people there stand as care-giving neighbors
And their thoughtfulness is so wholeheartedly true.

Here is where the Amish trail arrow points southward
With a bountiful picturesque so serene;
Pristine farms and woodlands of beauty
What a natural and spectacular scene.

The gleaming waters of the creek flows like crystals
Over rocks and glimmering shoals;
They are the waters from the beautiful hillsides
Into Cattaraugus Creek with rippling unfolds.

The valley between the lush-filled hillsides
Is a precious sight...truly to behold
With people, tree lined streets, and colored gardens
A precious sight and a joy to unfold.

There is the Hollywood Theater standing so proudly
Renovated to the state of the art
And Academy Place with pride and with firmness
Meeting the needs of the people who take heart.

There are the places where people assemble
And gather to shop and to converse
And after a bit, with time moving forward
Each group goes on their way to disperse.

There are men and women busily doing
Helping others with a giving so sincere
Working, shopping, and caring for others
And receiving from others, a smile with good cheer.

There are volunteers and helpful first-responders
Who willingly give of their time
There are businesses, professionals and so many others
Who thoughtfully share their talents sublime.

This community is where visitors are treated like friends
And friends are treated like family...
Be it the home and the school, the town with the village
All are working with neighborly harmony.

The tree-lined hillsides surround this thriving village
This picturesque scene is special indeed
For all the people, be they residents or visitors...
Gowanda is like home, all seem to agree

This is the valley…between the bountiful hillsides
Where thoughtful people work and reside
It is a remarkable and friendly little village
"GOWANDA is its name" and we say it with pride.