From My Perspective

I wish to begin my column today, by thanking my many readers for all of your thoughts and comments you have made concerning my columns. Indeed, I am most appreciative. "THANK YOU" my friends.


By Robert L. Heichberger

The gleaming waters of the lake front
With vineyards and orchards sublime.
This area with its splendorous texture
It Is so special in all of its prime.

The hills are arrayed with choice splendor
Whatever season or time of the year,
They dress with colorful adornment
Giving to many, an abundance of cheer.

Chautauqua County with all of its areas;
Is a place so special to behold.
The people are care-giving neighbors
And their thoughtfulness so wholeheartedly enfold..

There is the aroma of harvesting vineyards
Truly, a bountiful picturesque so serene;
With a Grape Festival and cheerful people all gathered
What a natural and spectacular scene.

The waters of the creeks flow like crystals
Over rocks and glimmering shoals;
They are the waters from the beautiful hillsides
Flowing into Lake Erie with rippling unfold.

There are the various businesses standing so proudly
Being renovated to the state of the art
And Brooks Hospital stands stoically giving service
Rendering treatments with a tender-filled heart.

Outstanding educational centers are located in this region
From pre-k to graduate instruction is available each day
Excellent schools and the distinguished SUNY Fredonia are in location
With the highest of academic honors and creative achievements on display.

There is the first natural gas well and sights to explore
They are maintained by the state of the art;
And historic homes proudly and stately standing
Built for and by folks with a neighboring heart.

There are the places where people assemble
And gather to shop and to converse
And after a bit, with time moving forward
Each group goes on their own way to disperse.

There are men and women busily doing
Helping others with a giving so sincere
Working, shopping, and caring for others
And receiving from others, a smile with good cheer.

There are volunteers and helpful first responders
Who willingly give of their time.
And the local press: the DUNKIRK OBSERVER
Providing the latest news headlines in prime.

So prominent in this area of which we take pride
Are the many houses of worship to which people are avowed
And so prominent too of which we take pride
Is our Chautauqua County fair grounds, of which we are proud.

This community is where visitors are treated like friends
And friends are treated like family...
Be it the home and the school, the urban and the rural
All are working with neighborly harmony.

The hillsides and lake front surround this thriving area
This picturesque scene is so special indeed.
For all the people, be they residents or visitors...
This region is like home, all seem to agree

This area… with orchards and prospering businesses
Where thoughtful people live, visit, work, and reside:
This is our historic and thriving Dunkirk Fredonia region
And we say it "appreciatively" with significant pride.