President Abraham Lincoln stated it so well in his 1863 Gettysburg Address "...that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not vanish from this earth." And we say, may that always be true for this generation and for the generations to come.

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. How fortunate for the American public we have what we have; our forefathers planned well for the future of our Republic. From the time as long as I can remember, I have appreciated the blessings of liberty and living in our American way of life. Truly, the freedoms we enjoy in this Country allows one to engage in possibility thinking and to plan for that possibility so to become a living reality. For that is what American Exceptionalism is all about and why American democracy is a treasure to be appreciated and protected.

My life (and this is true for many others, I am sure ) has not been without perplexing demands and uncertain times. For me, there have been uncharted challenges, unplanned curves in the road, and up-hill climbs. But, there have also been hopeful possibilities within reach and opportunities on which to grasp. And in America, one is free to engage in possibility thinking with the hope for reality achievement. To be sure, I appreciate and am thankful for the many personal encouragements received from others... my wife and children, my parents who have now passed, from other family members, teachers, colleagues, my students, and my friends. With their hope- filled and uplifting words of encouragement, I was often motivated to seek accomplished reality in possibility thinking. Truly, I have found with hard work, dedication, determination, and with inspiration from others,the fulfillment of hoped for goals can find fulfillment in the realm of reality. Truly, I have discovered... during these past 86 years... the freedom, in a Country such as ours, for the opportunity to engage in possibility thinking, and to realize that there is the opportunity within the free enterprise system to work toward goal achievement. Ah yes, freedom is a treasure!

It was Thomas Carlyle who said "Let each become all she/he is capable of being." And truly, in our society an individual's planning, working, and achieving is of great value. The free enterprise system encourages individual enterprise and entrepreneurship. It is my sincere hope that our children and grandchildren, and others of this generation and many generations to come, will have the freedoms we so enjoy in our American democratic way of life.

It is true, American Democracy... as a form of government is not easy. It has tensions and requires its people to work diligently to make it work. It is not designed necessarily for efficiency, but for accountability...accountably to the people, and based upon the Constitution of the land. A democratic government may not be able to act as quickly as authoritarianism, but once committed to a course of action it can draw upon deep wellsprings of dedication and support of a freedom loving people. Democracy, certainly in its American form, is never a finished product, but is always evolving. And most Americans believe -- and rightly so -- that the basic principles underlying their government derives directly from notions first enunciated by the framers of the Constitution in 1787 and the Bill of Rights ratified on December 15, 1791.

There are certain cardinal principles which serve as the bedrock of our democracy. Several of these basic principles are:
...The rule of law
...The dignity and worth of every individual
...consent of the government whereas American citizens serve as the source of government power
... that the government is not all powerful and can only do those things that the people and the Constitution have given it the power to do
...AS a republic, the people elect government leaders to act as representatives on their behalf
...Individual rights are protected by the government

WE are now well into the year 2016. All of our readers are well aware that this is a Presidential election year. Our Country's history of this year will be written in the annals of American history. And then too, there will be many cherished personal memories recorded in each of our individual memory banks. It is our hope that each and every individual will continue to maintain the freedom to seek their possibility aspirations toward the fulfillment of their dreams. All of our readers are well aware that this is a very significant election year with the election of our 45th President. Our people as freedom loving individuals... are a dedicated, determined, and devoted electorate. WE trust that their decision will further fortify the aspects of our American Exceptionalism. And that "...the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not vanish from this earth." The American people: what a treasury of exceptionalism!