Wednesday, November 11 is Veterans Day... and my column today is in the form of a poem. In this poem, I wish to pay tribute to the men and women who have served, as well as those who are now serving in the Armed Forces of our Nation. I am a veteran of the US Memorial Corps. In light of the many catastrophic events (floods, wind and snow storms, hurricanes, mud slides, fires, accidents, and the like)), I wish also to salute the many First Responders who give of themselves for the safety and assistance of those in need. And so, a special tribute to the armed forces of our nation, and to the first responders of our communities, who have and are giving so valiantly in the past and in the present. "We salute you".


by Robert L. Heichberger

Taking time to remember the fearless,
Those who have served and are serving with valor.
To the Armed Forces and those great First Responders
We thank them with appreciative candor.

They are proud to be serving our Country
The land of the brave and the free.
The land of hope, and of courage
With liberty and freedom for you and for me.

They are proud to stand for our nation
In times of terror and strife.
And to walk the road with virtuous valor
With dignity--- and valuing life.

What a tribute to the many who protect us
Who fearlessly respond to the call
They serve with justice and commitment
With valiant service to the needs of us all.

They are proud to stand for our Country
To serve for the things that are right
To give of themselves, and for others
And to strive with true courage, and might.

They are proud to be of service to our Country
It is a Nation of people, who are just
Who stand for the rights of all others
In a land of humility and trust.

They are proud to protect our Country
And to stand for a cause that is right
And to give humbly for the safety of others
And to protect sovereignty with all of their might

We are proud to pay tribute to those serving---
Armed Forces and First Responders by our side.
They stand for the freedom and safety of people
With unflinching courage and virtuous pride!

Robert Heichberger 1953

Robert L. Heichberger 1953