Election Day is only a matter of days away. A candidate for public office may be able to be elected on charm the first time around but, to be reelected? Charm runs thin. Truthfulness, trustworthiness, competence... that is what counts.

Reliable, creditable, believable...these three qualities are what the electorate is looking for in their leaders. People want someone in whom they can trust. Uncertainty and waffling in the truth will not stand. The state of the economy, policies that promote job creation, security of the homeland, and protection from the ravaging spread of Ebola; these are upper most in the minds of the public. Further, it just is not good public policy on the part of public officials to make decisions before those ideas have been principled. In short, actions should pass the test based upon principles of ethics, virtue, and honesty.

If ever we needed integrity in public service, that time is now! Americans are hardworking, family oriented, issue minded individuals. They are determined to do the best for their family, their country, and their community. They are not interested in fabrications or indecisiveness. The American people are aware that there are serious economic, Constitutional, and policy issues. And the voters want and need profound proposed solutions NOT rhetorical questionable double talk. They are calling for candidates to speak the truth and to restore public trust with ethics and decisiveness in government. In short, the voters are passionate in their desire to have confidence in leadership.

Americans want honesty with real life experiences as a foundational base. There is no place for hegemony in American life. We should expect our representatives to read the proposed legislation before they vote on them. The voters are not gullible. There is disaffection with politics as usual and old worn out political meaningless promises. We now are facing issues of national security and an unsustainable national debt. A fresh approach is needed in competence and in a spirit of optimism and realistic hard-hitting solutions which liberate people and not constrain them.

We believe that a candidate must possess a mental construct based upon stoic fundamental principles. Presenting and voicing only a litany of problems and pointing to the flaws of others is not sufficient and will not do. A campaign of "personal destruction" is abhorrent to the American voters. The voters recognize the ineptness and emptiness of candidates when those candidates lack dynamic problem solving approaches. The voters want an optimistic experienced leader who speaks from the heart. They are hungry for the truth; arrogance, and conceitedness is abhorrent to those of us who are just plain folks.

People do not want political candidates or government officials who are all words and no substance. They do not want candidates who are pretenders... pretending to be economists, when they are not; pretending to be health care experts, when they are not; portending to be for the "little guy" when they could care less. Americans are fed up with elitist pretenders. They want a candidate who is authentic and one who represents clearly the core values of the American public.

The American voter overwhelmingly cherishes values such as: controlling spending and balancing the budget, protecting our American borders, restoring property rights of individuals, achieving sustainable energy independence, repealing the death tax, bringing quality and accountability back into our public institutions, downsizing the interference of the role of government in the private lives of the American people, and protecting the rights of the small business entrepreneurs in support of job creation.

The American voters are seeking candidates who will be up front with the American people. We have had enough of eloquent but vacuous rhetoric. The voters are asking for public officials to be honest, forthright, genuine, and proactive with plans to deal with the critical economic and policy issues based upon cherished core values. The voters are optimistic, and they want optimistic statesmanlike decisiveness in leadership. Americans want to have confidence and trust again in their leaders. Americans want to BELIEVE again! That is how I see it FROM THIS PERSPECTIVE.