My column this week looks a bit different. I have decided to put "My Perspective" in poetic form because of the nature of the subject. It was fifty years ago that I joined the faculty at SUNY Fredonia. The following is a brief poetic expression of my Fredonia experience.

by Robert L. Heichberger

It was fifty years ago and still counting...
One-half century of Fredonia State history to glean.
When "yours truly" first entered the halls of this College
At Old Main, which was then so much a part of the scene.

Fredonia State has always been most highly regarded
As a major part of the University of this State.
It stood for the best in all of its settings
Excellence in quality was its distinguishing trait.

Today, Fredonia State maintains its luster even more so
Meeting the needs of students as its goal.
For the best in quality in teaching, research, and service
Which stands proudly as the culture of its soul.

Fifty years ago, when I first came to these hallways
Its wide variety of programs were rated "the very best."
There was teacher education, the arts, and liberal studies
And new programs were being developed with creative zest!

As Old Main then stood proudly on its legacy
And the campus saw amazing growth transformations...
The institution itself moved with energetic investment
With dynamically eminent accreditations.

The student body grew in numbers and in majors,
As undergraduate and graduate programs did emerge.
A responsive State University took to heart its mission:
"To teach, to research, and to serve."

Ah yes, The State University of New York at Fredonia is so special...
It has a place in my heart, that tis' true.
But someway, somehow, I always knew that...
For you see, Fifty years ago, I already knew.