The page is turning. Some time ago, a column of mine in the OBSERVER began with the words "With respect to health care in the Gowanda area, the time has come to begin to turn the page from remedial restoration to constructive transformation." And that is exactly what is beginning to happen. We are beginning to see evidence of strategic plans for dynamic action and creative constructive transformation...thanks to the untiring efforts of a whole lot of hard working and profoundly dedicated folks, beginning with Hospital CEO Jonathan Lawrence.

A broad population of people were severely impacted by the catastrophic event of Gowanda’s flood of August , 2009. The health care facilities at Tri-County Hospital in Gowanda were irreparably ravaged by the surge of flood waters and debris. The Community was devastated by traumatic personal loss as well as the devastating depravation of their health care facility. Truly, cognizant of the health needs of the people, and sharing in their feelings of devastation, was the Administration and Staff of Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York (LERHSNY), the Hospital Board of Directors, and all those associated with health care in our area. All acted with amazing resilience. CEO Jonathan Lawrence, whose leadership style is one of uncompromising integrity, immediately was on the scene of the devastation. It is apparent, that straightway, he along with others, moved with un- halting haste to get health care back on track. The Hospital Board and Administration sought major assistance by, with, and through, the "powers that be," (Federal, State and Local). It appears, that CEO Lawrence and his staff have sought to leave no stone unturned in order to respond to the health care needs of the tri-county area. From what is apparent, a series of very complex, consecutively ordered, regulative steps and legal formalities had to be pursued by the Hospital Administration, in order to receive the necessary approvals and subsequent material and financial support. It is apparent that their untiring efforts, creative zeal, and determined commitment, will prove to have been so rightfully fruitful and transformation is on the way. To wit...

FIRSTLY...the newly established and functioning "state of the art" Urgent Care/Medical Center is now located on site in Gowanda. What a superbly functional, fully equipped, medical facility that is!

SECONDLY...the demolition of the flood ravaged hospital facility on Memorial Drive, and the restoration of that site appears to soon become a reality. That demolition will mitigate serious safely and environmental potential hazards within the area and, will restore that site to productive use again.

THIRDLY...plans appear to be underway for the construction of a new hospital on the site in Perrysburg. What a tremendously significant addition to health care that will be for the entire service area.

It is clearly evident, that LERHSNY...the Board, Administration, and the entire Staff are deeply committed to the finest of health care availability and service for a most appreciative, "willing to help" population of people. Indeed, the page is being turned and constructive transformation will soon be a living, viable, and much needed reality. I am certain that the word "THANK YOU" is on the lips of hundreds of individuals. And in their heart, and in their mind, is the deeply felt thought of "sincere appreciation" extended to those who really cared! And that is how we see it FROM THIS PERSPECTIVE.