The last 110 days have been the most revealing in the history of our Country. We have seen the growth of government and its intrusiveness in the lives of Americans like no other time in our history. The stage has been set for nationalized medicine, federalized education and nationalized carbon credits for energy. At the same time, we have seen the possibility of our national defense mechanisms as being compromised and weakened. And the American public is concerned.

President Barack Obama entered office with tremendous political capital, more than any President in recent memory, but has squandered much of it in a remarkably short period of time. Sadly, Obama's political capital is likely to go the way of most of the bailout money used up while Washington remains in the mode of "business as usual". And this is all at the expense of hard working Americans, seriously eating into their retirement and impacting the financial security of their children and grandchildren. In fact, some have called the recent out of control spending as "economic child abuse". It will take years, if ever, to pay for what has happened the past few weeks in Washington. What a travesty.

President Obama was called upon to lead when he promised an end to partisanship and begin an era of transparency and a new and better way of doing things in Washington. And look what has happened the past 100 days. From the stimulus package ... that was not designed to stimulate ... to the continuing questionable political appointments. From from an outrageous Congressional spending binge that included unfettered irresponsible pork barrel spending to thousands of pages of legislation that no one debated or even read. And then President Obama broke his campaign pledge against earmarks and signed an earth shattering budget bill of $1.8 TRILLION with millions in lawmakers' pet projects ... 8,600 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion and counting. This is unbelievable!

George Bush and the Republican congress lost the support of the public because they used the federal treasury to advance their political agenda. President Obama came to power on a promise to clean up government, root out waste and end politics as usual. We are still waiting for the commensurate actions to substantiate that rhetoric. President Obama must confront Congressional excesses if he is to be true to the American people. George Bush let us down on that account, and unless Barack Obama changes course, he will travel the same road as George Bush. The public has had enough of pork, patronage and party politics.

The Obama budget claims to cut our exploding deficit in half by 2012, but he relies on audaciously optimistic economic forecasts that no responsible economist believes is possible. These projections of 3-4 percent are truly out of line with historic growth rates. The Congressional Budget Office figures predict Obama's budget will produce $9.3 trillion worth of red ink over 2010-2019. That is $2.3 trillion worse than the administration predicted just last month. Worst of all, CBO says the deficit under Obama’s policies would never go below 4 percent of the size of the economy. These are figures economists agree are unsustainable, and behavior like this is partly responsible for the current crisis! By the end of the decade, the deficit would exceed 5 percent of the GDP, a dangerously high level! And this has all happened during the first three months of the Obama administration. All parties need to reduce future spending, period! Washington cannot continue on this path or our economy is on the road to bankruptcy.

All are aware of Obama's skill in oratory but his comical reliance on the teleprompter which has become the butt of late-night jokes and his unscripted moments are an embarrassment. Recently, and totally unscripted, the President compared his 129 bowling score as akin to a score in a Special Olympics competition. This comment is the height of insensitivity. Had George Bush made such a remark, there is no doubt the media outrage would have been over-powering, as it should be. What a double standard! Recently in Europe President Obama said Americans have been an "arrogant and dismissive, even derisive" people. We say Americans demonstrate daily by word and deed a history of American exceptionalism. Sure America has made mistakes, but we've done far more good for the world than any nation we can think of!  

There are those in the majority in Washington who appear to want chaos so that they can call for bigger government to fix the chaos. And then, of all things, there was the feigned outrage over the AIG retention bonus giveaways when all along it was the majority who included these in the bailout legislation signed by the President.

It is widely recognized that the Obama administration is in trouble. There are those even in the President's own party who are beginning to feel a bit queasy and see little reason for optimism. Obama calls for pragmatism as his strength and explains pedantically that no core philosophy or guiding principles are needed. He says we are in a crisis and that there is no time for debate or even time to read the legislation he calls to be voted upon into law. Obama says he is open to all ideas but most of his ideas are of a larger more intrusive federal government owned and operated by a collectivist ideology, which has been rejected by the voters repeatedly over decades. And the notion that the voters took a sharp left turn in the last election is unsupported by either the facts or the polls. It is extremely disappointing if not frightening to see Obama now trying demagoguery as a proxy for leadership. Simply put, the voters wanted "change" but at the expense of moral leadership? What Americans want most is to be protected and safe from attack, restoration and revitalization of our economy based upon free market principles, dynamic alternative sources of energy, and the continuation of a world class health care system.

Truly, the economic and international problems of today are extremely serious but even more so, are the problem we have with respect to leadership and character. If ever America needed high moral authority guided by principled decisive leadership, this is that time. And that is how we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.