The Presidential election is moving swiftly toward that first Tuesday in November. Momentum for the Obama/Biden ticket appears to be erratic, fumbling and tumbling. On the other hand, enthusiasm for the McCain/Palin ticket is in a buoyant, dynamic and on a forward thrust. Why might this be? There is an uneasiness and nervousness with Obama and there is confidence and steadfastness with McCain. What most Americans see is Obama as one who would weakened national security and, as a big government guy, will take from the so called "rich" and redistribute the wealth. Under the Obama plan, a family of four with an income of $31,000 to $45,000 could end with a marginal tax rate 34% to 39%, 13 percentage points higher than under the current tax code. McCain is a traditionalist, a departure from the George Bush style, reduce government regulatory power, and lead on the basis of solid American established security and economic values. Obama's approach is regressive and suppressive and frightening to some, and McCain's approach is progressive and responsive and welcomed by many. Obama preaches change but it is static and hollow. McCain, on the other hand, demonstrates change and it is dynamic. McCain engenders confidence with substance and Obama generates uneasiness with vacuous rhetoric.

As we see it, real progressive change trumps old worn-out big government spend, tax and over regulate rhetoric. And the voters are saying "enough already" of working annually through July 10 just to pay one's annual taxes. They want government to get out of the way of individual growth and freedom. In reality, it is not big government which fosters growth; the valve which releases the main spring of growth is the dynamic energy of free enterprise and the power of the free markets.

Winning an election is based upon integrity and honesty and putting forth solid, fundamental constructive ideas. We believe that a candidate must possess a mental construct based upon stoic fundamental principles and beliefs. A campaign of "personal destruction" is abhorrent to the American voters. The voters recognize the ineptness and emptiness of candidates when those candidates lack creative problems solving approaches or an absence of solutions for a promising future. The voters want an optimistic leader and not a pessimistic "poll driven" panderer.

People want political candidates or government officials who put their Country first before personal gain. They want candidates who are not pretenders...pretending to be economists, when they are not....pretending to be health care experts, when they are not,...pretending to be foreign policy experts, when they are not...and pretending to be specialists in educational reform, when they know little about education. Americans are fed up with arrogant pretenders. And they want a President who is authentic and one who represents clearly the core values of the American system of growth and opportunity.

The American voter overwhelming cherishes values such as: Controlling our American borders, restoring property rights of individuals, achieving sustainable energy independence, controlled spending and balancing the budget, repealing the death tax, and bringing quality and accountability back into our public educational institutions. They value strengthening homeland security and protecting our national foreign interests, downsizing the interference of the role of government in the private lives of the American people and protecting Social Security with constructive solutions and allowing the free enterprise system to work so to under gird the jobs and financial stability of millions of Americans.

The American voter overwhelmingly values lowering taxes and limiting public spending. However, point in fact, there are those candidates with an extremist agenda, who wish to confiscate even more monies from hard working middle class Americans and from the most productive companies and industries in the nation and, by so doing, imperil the jobs of millions of American workers. These same officials then want to spend the confiscated funds on items on their own leftist agenda which, by the way, does not include national security. These liberals want it both ways, bash George Bush for his irresponsibility on the budget and then propose ideas which make Bush look like a miser of the federal treasury. How can Obama legitimately trash the Administration when his proposals will generate the first TRILLION dollar ANNUAL budget deficit? How can Obama talk about energy independence and be opposed to all new forms of drilling?

We challenge every political candidate to start putting balanced budgets ahead of their own personal agenda. To put the financial health of the nation above political ambitions and to recognize that government cannot continue compounding deficit after deficit. To be sure, health care and terrorism are of critical concern. But now, more than ever, both parties and each candidate must address the serious risks of unsustainable deficits with serious actions and NOT empty and hollow promises. We appreciate John McCain's sincerity on this issue. He is the Republican who always voted against George Bush on his spending binges, and He is the consistent choice of fiscal restraint. McCain voted NO on prescription drugs, Farm subsidies, Highway bill excesses and every earmark to leave Washington. McCain is the finest candidate in a generation for the fiscal health of the land.

The American voters will support a Presidential candidate who will be up front with the American people. They are asking for a candidate to be honest, forthright, genuine and proactive with plans to deal with the critical issues based upon cherished American core values. The voters do not want growth stymied platitudes. They call for optimistic transformational leadership and action, not condemnation of George Bush and a continuation of his spending priorities. That is how we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.