Most Americans are in the mainstream culturally and politically. John McCain and Barack Obama are on center stage in the American political scene. Some say McCain is a "centrist who crosses over the aisle too often" and some say that Obama is "an extreme leftist and far out of the mainstream of most Americans." Some have said that McCain will be a third term Bush. That however is extremely far-fetched given his disagreements with Bush and his independence from the Administration. And there are those who claim that Obama will be a second term Jimmy Carter along with Carter's tragic economic blunders and foreign policy debacles. Some say McCain is too old. But then, how old is too old? And some say Obama is too inexperienced. But after all, he has had two years experience in the US Senate even though most of that time has been spent running for the Presidency. However, Obama was a state senator in Illinois and was considered to be the most liberal in that Body. McCain tends to be folksy in conversation. And when Obama engages in conversation without a prepared text, he stammers erratically through a conversation attempting to come up with a cogent idea. So there we have it, McCain "too old but experienced," and Obama "inexperienced and a far-out leftist."

November 4, 2008 is a decisive day. Millions of Americans will flock to the polls to cast their ballot for the next President of the United States as well as for members of the US Congress. Also, there are numerous significant state and local elections taking place. Never before has there been so much at stake affecting the immediate and the long term.

The issues are striking: holding the line on the federalization of programs, eliminating self-serving earmarks which are bankrupting the economy, balancing the budget, winning the War on Terror with our men and women coming home with honor and not in defeat, and stimulating energy independence.

There are those that say that John McCain is not conservative enough, that he has built a reputation as a maverick. They say he crusades against Guantanamo and favors constitutional rights for terrorists. He is considered by some as the godfather of political speech suppressing as well as favoring the Democrat campaign-finance reform legislation. And McCain's stand on illegal aliens is in question.

And then, there is Barack Obama who views the Presidency as the manager of the economy. He has proposed a one trillion dollar tax increase and believes that the President can tax the people into prosperity. Of course, any student in high school economics knows better than that. Obama says he is committed to doubling the capital gains rate — something he will easily accomplish with a Democrat Congress. He is considered by many as "too far out of the mainstream" by proposing changes resulting in increased government confiscation of the people’s earnings and the redistribution of wealth. He proposes the weakening of the American military and surveillance system, and empowering the stature of enemy thugs through therapeutic chats. That is frightening. Obama mistakenly made the statement that "Iran is a very small country." In reality, Iran is about one-fifth the size of the continental United States, or slightly larger than the combined area of the contiguous states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Obama's lack of an informational knowledge base is troubling and risky. Consider also, many of the leftist candidates running for office including Obama seem to favor liberal judicial nominees who will legislate from the bench cultural decisions well overreaching the limits of the Constitution. In short, the November election will determine the course of events for this generation and for generations to come.

The American voter overwhelming cherishes values such as: controlled spending and balancing the budget, controlling our American borders, restoring property rights of individuals, achieving sustainable energy independence, repealing the death tax, the sanctity of life, bringing quality and accountability back into our public educational institutions, strengthening homeland security, and protecting our national foreign interests. The voters want the free enterprise system at work without interference and thus undergird jobs and the financial stability of millions of Americans.

The American voter overwhelmingly values lowering taxes and limiting public spending. However, point in fact, there are those candidates with an extremist agenda, who wish to confiscate even more monies from hardworking middle class Americans and from the most productive companies and industries in the nation and, by so doing, imperil the jobs of millions of American workers. These same candidates then want to spend the confiscated funds from hardworking Americans on their "bigger government" agenda which, by the way, does not include national security. This extremist mentality is what decays the economic stability of the nation and destroys the economic viability and initiative of individual men and women. The American people value the power of the individual over an encroaching "power grab" by a growing government.

Liberal candidates are calling for the federalization of more and more program. It is confounding; liberals complain that government is NOT working and yet, they turn around and want to grow MORE government. Now where is the logic in that?Parenthetically, the Democrat controlled US Senate recently passed a resolution privatizing the US Senate federally operated restaurant because it was such an operational disaster. These same folks could not run a small diner in the Senate office building and yet, they want federalized medicine for the whole nation? Talk about risky leadership!

The American voters want to elect candidates for public office who will be up front with the American people. We have had enough of eloquent but vacuous rhetoric. The voters are asking for candidates to be honest, forthright, genuine and proactive with plans to deal with the critical issues based upon solid values of individual imitative and human decency. This is a great nation and the American people are a great people. No wonder others from foreign lands are eager to enter our borders one way or another. The caliber of most Americans is within the mainstream of American Exceptionalism. They want decisiveness in leadership based upon our exceptional free enterprise system. It is of that caliber of which mainstream America is made and shall remain. That is how we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.