Enough Waffling

Politicians' pathological need to embellish the truth, is that what it is? Think of it: Cattle futures, billing records, travel gate, trooper gate, sniper fire in Bosnia... hmm really?, two hundred-thousand new jobs for WNY, and NAFTA "I was for it before I was against it." And then there is... "I wasn't in the pews on those Sundays," twenty years and I never heard those statements from my pastor, a University of Chicago law PROFESSOR, (adjunct lecturer, you mean), "I was confused when I voted 'present' on those sixty State Senate votes," or "small town Americans cling to religion and guns because they are bitter with their economic condition." What an arrogant elitist comment that is... and so the stories go. Sadly, some comments in politics are the result of extremely poor judgment or are whoppers of tales. And so, tales seem to trump the truth.

We believe that to be a successful political candidate, that individual must be believable and genuinely decisive and not waffle the truth. If ever we needed integrity and decisiveness in government, that time is now! America stands on the brink of epic economic and defense decisions. Most American voters are hardworking, family oriented, issue minded individuals. They are determined to do the best for their family, their country, and their community. The are not interested in fabricated stories and a lack of decisiveness. The American people are aware that there are serious foreign and domestic issues . And the voters want and need NOW profound proposed solutions NOT rhetorical questionable tales or vacuous clarion calls of "hope." Americans are a noble people and they are calling for candidates to speak the truth and to restore public trust with higher standards of ethics and decisiveness in government. In short, the voters want to believe again.

Americans want honesty with real life experiences as a backdrop. Vacuous hope statements and idle rhetoric are suspect. The American public is brighter than that. There is disaffection with the politics as usual process and old worn-out 1960's hard left talking points. A fresh start is needed with honesty and credibility in a spirit of optimism and realistic hard-hitting solutions which liberate people, not constrain them.

We believe that a candidate must possess a mental construct based upon stoic fundamental principles and beliefs. Presenting and voicing only a litany of problems and pointing to the flaws of others is not sufficient and will not do. A campaign of "personal destruction" is abhorrent to the American voters. The voters recognize the ineptness and emptiness of candidates when those candidates lack creative problem solving approaches or an absence of solutions for a promising future. The voters want an optimistic experienced leader and not a "poll driven" panderer who relates fiction as fact or one who advocates the power of the state over the power of individuals. What "hope" can there be in more government, more taxes, and less freedom?

People want to believe again. They are hungry for the truth and not the arrogance we hear from some. The voters want to believe the messenger... the government official, the political candidate, the newspaper reporter, the media commentator, and those in the public sector. People are in search for statesmanship, decisiveness, and the truth.

People do not want political candidates or government officials who are fundamentally dishonest. They do not want Presidential candidates who are pretenders... pretending to be economists, when they are not..., pretending to be health care experts, when they are not..., pretending to be foreign policy experts, when they are not..., pretending to be specialists in educational reform, when they know little about education..., and pretending to be imaginative immigration specialists, when they flip-flop on the issue. Americans are fed up with arrogant pretenders. They want a candidate who is authentic and one who represents clearly the core values of the American people.

We are told that several of the Presidential candidates are themselves personally multimillionaires and that these millions were made through the rubric and utilization of free enterprise system. Some may say buck raking is going on. And yet, two of these same individuals advocate a far left liberal agenda which would have the tendency to strangulate the health and vibrancy of the free enterprise system. Now, how hypocritical is that? It was shocking to hear one of the Presidential candidates say he would never want his own daughter, in the event of a "crisis pregnancy," to be "punished with a baby." Wow! punished with a baby'? Is that what life is? The American voter overwhelming cherishes values such as: the sanctity of life, controlling our American borders, restoring property rights of individuals, achieving sustainable energy independence, controlled spending and balancing the budget, repealing the death tax, bringing quality and accountability back into our public educational institutions, strengthening homeland security and protecting our national foreign interests, making English the official Language of our Government, keeping God in the Pledge, downsizing the interference of the role of government in the private lives of the American people and protecting Social Security with constructive savings accounts, and allowing the free enterprise system to work and thus undergird the jobs and financial stability of millions of Americans.

The American voter overwhelmingly values lowering taxes and limiting public spending. However, point in fact, there are those candidates with an extremist agenda, who wish to confiscate even more monies from hardworking middle class Americans and from the most productive companies and industries in the nation and, by so doing, imperil the jobs of millions of American workers. These same officials then want to spend the confiscated funds from hardworking Americans on their bigger government agenda which, by the way, does not include national security. This low level extremist mentality is what decays the economic stability of the nation and destroys the economic viability and initiative of individual men and women. The American people value the power of the individual over the encroaching power of the State.

The American voters are seeking candidates for President who will be up front with the American people. We have had enough of eloquent but vacuous rhetoric. The voters are asking for a candidate to be honest, forthright, genuine, and proactive with plans to deal with the critical issues based upon cherished American core values. The voters are optimistic, and they want optimistic statesmanlike decisiveness in leadership. Americans want to BELIEVE again. That is how we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.