Our Administration

R.L.H. We can't help but be disgusted with the media response to the tragedy in the Gulf. While George Bush gets another whipping because of the negligence of others, allow us to step to his defense. The finger pointing and blame shifting is unfortunate and unproductive. But so long as it is going on, we'll weigh in on the matter. And we'll talk about the blatantly, un-restrained anti-Bush bias which has dominated the media and beltway since George Bush took office.

M.A.B. While pointing fingers, Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans, expressed his dismay with the administrations response to the tragedy. Unlike Mayor Giuliani who had no early warning, no detailed plans and no specific evacuation program, Ray Nagin had all of these. Mayor Giuliani played the hand He was dealt with great dexterity and unflinching leadership worthy of even Churchillian stature. Never did He blame anyone. Yet Mayor Nagin blames Bush for his own failures. He could have ordered mandatory evacuation days in advance, but what picture do the media portray to the viewers? Blame Bush. Mayor Nagin had trial drills and even had New Orleans go through an almost identical scenario 13 months ago, and yet the popular media response is not to report this fact but to: Blame Bush.

R.L.H. Apparently Blaming Bush is popular these days. It might even become an Olympic event staring Michael Moore. But the facts speak otherwise and have spoken otherwise for sometime. It's the job of the local officials who know the area and the population demographics and need measures which determine evacuation planning and disaster preparation to issue evacuations. Often the Federal government provides the monies for the states to perform these tasks. It's a State function, and yet the media leaves no doubt in the minds of Americans that the only answer is to just blame Bush.

M.A.B. Missing almost entirely from this discussion is the first responder. The first responder has the primary responsibility for planning and responding to disasters. The primary responder, in this case governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin had detailed evacuation plans for over a million people, as well as evacuation plans to be provided for some three hundred thousand poor and indigent. The plans for the three hundred thousand included busing, evacuation techniques and provisions to assist our most vulnerable. Yet this fact is ignored, along with the fact that Mayor Nagin, or even Governor Blanco could have issued a mandatory evacuation for all residents by force of law, and used this plan to bring thousands to safety. Yet the media portrays this as a planning disaster from the Bush Administration. This is an affront to George Bush, and yet He takes this abuse with dignity and grace. It was reported in the Wall Street Journal that President Bush had to personally call Mayor Nagin to order a mandatory evacuation before yet even more lives were lost.

R.L.H. Yet we are told to blame Bush. The media has ignored the causes of the problem and used the composition of local, and state failures to blame Bush. We should not accept that. The media has been dishonest on the economy, on job creation, on economic well being, and now on natural disaster. This should come as no surprise, for too long the media has been controlled by academically inclined liberals who despise American independence, traditions and institutions of morality.

M.A.B. Exactly so. The media has gotten even further dishonest and doing so at times of tragedy. They report while watching looting, role footage of personal suffering, exploit and loss and then decry the Administration as greedy and deceitful. It's a hypocrisy of the most insulting proportions. The economy has been amazingly resilient, fighting off a recession, a terrorist attack of un-rivaled proportions, corporate scandal, a technology bubble, a series of natural disasters of epic proportions and the media portrays any economic shortcoming as Bush's fault. The economy has endured record oil prices and shown no sign of slowing. And yet it was reported in the Wall Street Journal that Americans are pessimistic about the economy. They went on to claim that pessimism is a direct result of the negative reports by the media who report economics for political ends. The study went on to collect all stories related to the economy.

R.L.H. They then took that data set and used media specialists to determine the slant and underlying editorials in the report. The results were absolutely startling, four to one the stories were negative. And at a time when consumer confidence is at an all time high, unemployment is well below historical levels, household income and wealth are at record levels across the board and the economy is growing at an outstanding 4% rate, scored excellent by Economists of any view, now and historically. And all of this in spite of epic levels of problems and disasters.

M.A.B. The media used that issue to beat Bush, and dishonestly, and now they move on to the hurricane to create another issue. It is unfortunate that the media institutions which once served to hold the political process to honesty has sunk in virtue and decency to well below the lowest of politicians. The media has used any story, gone to any length to incriminate this administration and yet it endures.

BOTH IN CONCLUSION: We can't help but be impressed with George Bush. Facing such odds and unfair and even invented hostility, He has persevered and remained true to his conviction. Not until the recent assault on the administration did we realize the extent to which this administration has had to battle a media un-willing to protect truth, and always willing to exploit even the grimmest of tragedies as political opportunities. And while we have tried to remain above politics this has for too long gone unsaid. Pray for our nation, and pray for those whose lives have been ruined in this disaster. That is how we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.