Congressman Jack Quinn: The End of a Term... A Legacy Continues

Soon, there will be the handing over of the congressional torch and Congressman Jack Quinn, New York Congressman, will leave his office on "Capital Hill." The Congressional legacy of this great leader impacts the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Ronald Reagan said it well: "America needs principled leaders, not labels. " Reagan went on to say "A leader, once convinced a particular course of action is the right one, must have the determination to stick with it." Such is the principled leadership of Jack Quinn, the U. S. Representative of the 27th Congressional District. And thus, after a number of years of public service followed by 12 years in the House of Representatives, there is unfolding--and still emerging- --an impressive legacy of Congressman Jack Quinn.

January 3, 2005 marks the end of the congressional term, the sixth to be exact, of this highly respected Congressman. However, the ending of that term is far from the end of a legacy. His voice of passion for the principles that made America great still needs to be heard as does his reasoned voice on the value of the individual in our American way of life. Congressman Quinn stands for the sound substantive principles of representative democracy; his stimulus actions and decisions are based on solid core American values. He has spoken eloquently as an advocate of freedom and liberty for all and the great value of protecting our American way of life. Jack understands the greatness of our free enterprise system and the unique role that each individual plays in the health, vitality and well being of our American republic.

Jack Quinn stands far more than as a symbol of leadership... he stands tall as a person who IS a leader. And this District and this Nation are better because of it. Service to his constituents and to the citizens of our country has remained Rep. Quinn's top priority. Helping veterans obtain needed benefits has always been high on his agenda. In fact, Rep. Quinn was awarded the prestigious AMVETS Silver Helmet Award for his work on behalf of our nation's veterans. And American veterans everywhere are most appreciative.

Also, on Jack Quinn's agenda of public service, were the numerous others and untiringly did he advance aid and render service. He assisted senior citizens with Social Security payment issues and assisted with other numerous concerns of seniors. He continuities to be proactive with respect to transportation and health issues. He spoke on behalf of the small businessperson, the self-employed, firemen, policemen, health care workers, and educators. Congressman Quinn's office was and is always open. Point in fact, Rep Quinn has successfully opened and successfully closed over 10,000 cases on behalf of the people of his district. His commitment to federal casework has been nationally recognized as "Legendary." For all of this, thousands are thankful.

The American farmer and rural families have always been of high priority to him. According to the Department of Agriculture, New York State ranks second in apple production, third in grape, milk, snap bean, potato, and corn production. Because of Quinn's efforts to sustain the health and vitality of the American farmer, he was honored with the "Friend of the Farm Bureau." This national recognition award is given to the member of Congress who demonstrates a strong and active record consistent with the needs of the American farmer. Today, because of Jack Quinn's commitment, there are numerous farmers and their families who are indeed grateful.

Recent figures indicate that the Buffalo region is the most unionized city in the country. Rep. Quinn recognizes the need for a strong labor presence, and was co-chair of the House Working Group on Labor. He has been and still is a strong advocate for the rights and welfare of working laboring persons and he has been recognized for his humane commitment to all of labor. And in March 2002, the President signed into law legislation written by Rep. Quinn that extends the availability of benefits to those who lost their jobs as a direct result of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Further, Quinn worked tirelessly to ensure the Railroad Retirement Survivors Improvement Act got the attention it deserved. This year, it passed and was signed into law by the President. For all of this, thousands of those affected are grateful, indeed.

When Jack Quinn sees a need and takes actions, there are no smoking mirrors and no idle rhetoric. Clearly, in HIS case, there is substance over symbolism. President Jack F. Kennedy said it well; "Courage not complacency is what is what is needed. Leadership not salesmanship is what is required." And Jack Quinn lives and demonstrates that kind of spirit in his public service. He stands for the people of his District and for the Nation as a whole. And it is that virtue we value highly of one in public office. His genuineness of leadership is epitome of those in public service. And this District and the entire country are better because of it.

Jack Quinn will be missed on "The Hill" and by the people of this District. But we trust that his voice will continue to be heard in whatever forum and venue he chooses to use. Congressman Jack Quinn, a man of, with, and for the people. We join thousands of others when we say, "Well done and thank you Congressman Quinn. You ARE an American Patriot." That is how we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.