The Outsourcing Challenge

Ever heard of Insourcing? Neither have many other Americans. In fact, this term was our response to the absence of attention given to foreign relocation to the United States and ongoing alterations in our economy. Outsourcing dominates the political spectrum, but no attention has ever been given to its converse.

As there is discussion about how to combat the social ills of outsourcing the political class must be aware of the entire spectrum. Indeed, as we argue to keep American jobs here, others may take the same action across the globe. Our actions have lead the economic health of the world, and we must be conscious of this fact. The synergy of the global system depends upon the mutual cooperation of all trading partners. If we choose to build walls around our economic future we are damning ourselves to limited options, confining our future and risking our hegemony, both economically and militarily. As Americans, our history has been to embrace and lead the world and that is precisely what needs to be done.

U.S. Management guru Peter Drucker, as noted by Thomas Sowell, indicated that the United States has imported far more jobs than it has exported. These jobs are all a result of free trade policies. Specifically, cited was Siemens the German telecommunications corporation along with other firms such as Japan's Toyota and Nissan. These additions have added thousands of good-paying quality jobs to the US payroll, and yet are almost never triumphed as advantageous bargains from free trade agreements.

America is the most productive nation on the face of the earth. We must continue to promote policies and ideas which support such ends. Building walls and setting boundaries are the antithesis of the American tradition. Had such ideas been used in the past, Britain may have fallen to Hitler and Neil Armstrong may have never placed his foot on the moon.

Our political and social climate must agree that it's the duty of Americans through our government to establish and provide the policies which will yield these ends. Specifically, Carly Fiorina, the Chairwoman of HP stated in a recent editorial that "Every job is important because each one represents an American's livelihood and ability to raise a family. Yet spending our time building walls around America will do nothing to help us compete for the millions of new jobs being created. Instead, we must focus on developing next-generation industries and next-generation talent-in fields like biotechnology, nanotechnology, and digital media distribution; around ideas like IT security, mobility, and manageability-that will create long-term growth and jobs here at home, while raising all our living standards in the process."

It is the solutions like these and individuals like this which are needed to ensure that America continues to fulfill its destiny and to facilitate a better climate for the rest of the world. We should continue to lead the world, through research and development, the continuing technology revolution and accept the challenge of leading through the cutting edge of civilization. We must understand that our specific talent in the free trade arrangement is to provide the technology, education and productivity which make Capitalism possible everywhere.

So, as these structural adjustments happen, lets all be conscious of our role as the world leader not only economically but through ideas and technology. Much of the recent turmoil fails to give Americans the credit they deserve, which is, we continue to be the beacon for a better world. "Loosing jobs" to Lower Developed Nations only affirms our role in leading, through research and development, the intellectual and technological process of change in the world. So let's take that role and be thankful for what we have and what we can give. That's how we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.