Our Anticipation Grows as Christmas Day Nears

This column will appear in print at a time when the day light hours are the shortest and the nighttime hours seem endless. The winter season is standing on the threshold and it seems we are never quite ready for it. It is a season, which always arrives on time; it never misses a beat. Also, for many of us, this too is a holiday season and it seems we are never quite ready for it, either. There are the normal hustle and bustle and last minute things to do; but, on the face of it, most of us seem to like it that way. In fact, if we were given more time to get ready, we probably would not do anything much differently. Somehow, most of us seem to manage... just like it is.

A season of busy activity is upon us, certainly the postman will sustain that observation. As with the lives of many of our friends and neighbors, young and old, there is the feeling of anticipation and expectation. And then, there are some that at this time of the year who a feel certain loneliness and even emptiness. Many of our readers can empathize with those who are full of anticipation as well as those who feel a bit forgotten. Most of us, if not all of us, have experienced the "ups" and the "downs" of what life has to offer. And so, many of us have experiences very much in common: we know the joy of giving and we know the need to receive. We know the pleasure of helping to fulfill the needs of others, as others have done for us. Won't you please join us in our holiday "gift wish" to others, ... so that others may receive the special warmth of our attentive giving?

To the children, we ask that they be given attentive guidance, kindness, health and safety. But especially, may they feel a special nurturing of love and may see their dreams as the magic of a falling star that they can catch and hold. For the teenagers in our midst, we ask that they be given a special attention and guidance and a feeling of personal worth and dignity which many of them so desperately seek. And may their hopes for a bright tomorrow be filled with possibility thinking. For the adults in our midst, we ask that they be given strength, patience, perseverance, love and foresight so to be the teachers of our children and young people and to send a message of good will and caring. For those who are grieving, it is our wish that they may find comfort in the memories of their loved ones and so appreciate how rich they are in that their lives pathway crossed, if only for a short time. For those who are lonely and feel forgotten, we ask that they find comfort in giving cheer and hope to others who are sorely in need of both. To those of our neighbors who have suffered the ravages of fire, water, winds and natural disasters, we ask that their lives may be put back together and that their hopes may find enriching fulfillment.

To the men and women of our armed forces who sacrificed their lives for us, we are supremely thankful and our hearts go out to their loved ones in fullest measure. To the men and women of our armed forces who are working to defend freedom, we ask that they be given a special measurement of encouragement and support and a special "thank you" from a grateful people. And to the leaders of our Country, we ask that they may be blessed with the insight and discernment of wisdom, so to have the character and the determination to effectively lead a willing, hopeful, and thankful people.

To all, it is our wish, that truth and justice may prevail in a world free of terrorism and tyranny. May the year 2004 be filled with joy and may PEACE prevail and freedom ring out for all to hear. And so to all we wish: "Wesolych Swiat," "Felices Fiestas," "Buone Feste," "Frohe Feiertage," "Chag Sameach," and "God Yule."

We are most appreciative for the enthusiastic positive response we have received from so many of the readers of our column "From our Perspective." We wish to extend grateful appreciation to the Editor and Staff of the OBSERVER for their most kind and helpful cooperation. To ALL who read this column and to those who are unable to, for one reason or another, we wish a very "Merry Christmas" and may the joy of this season warm your heart and that of your loved ones now and always! And that is our holiday hope FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.