Hospital is a Key Component to Any Community

"Gateway to the Southern Tier" is a classic statement; we note that it is in bold print at the top of the official stationary of the Village of Gowanda, New York. What a wise and illustrative statement of fact! Indeed, Gowanda is all that and more. We have beautiful homes, picturesque gardens, convenient parks, and historic buildings. We have good schools, quality police and fire protection, a fine recreation program, and many of the essentials of convenient shopping and necessary and desirable services. And we have the supportive backbone of a creative and energetic public.

We choose to comment, in this letter, on just one of the essential professional facilities located in Gowanda, New York. This facility is, not only desirable but is absolutely necessary to a community that is in reality a geographical "Gateway." President Ronald Reagan often used the term "A shining city on a hill" when referring to individuals and their impact on society. When referring to that concept, he must have had a place such as Gowanda as a reference point.

Through the years, we have had a fine health care facility. Many of us have come to know this essential facility as Tri-County Memorial Hospital. There are many that have depended on this hospital and the services it provides. People of all ages that live, work and travel through an area such as ours, expect and depend on quality health care and its availability, facilities and services.

There was an earlier generation of citizens who recognized this significant necessity and planned for that. By so doing, they also planned for the well being of future generations of this area. They were wise indeed! They scrimped and saved, sacrificed and worked to bring to this area a fine health care facility on Memorial Drive. Tri-County Hospital has been known, through these many years, as a facility providing outstanding patient treatment and care for people over a broad geographical region. . Patients and their families come from Gowanda, Perrysburg, Collins, Dayton, South Dayton, Cattaraugus, Leon, Otto, East Otto, Forestville, and a host of other nearby communities Many have expressed verbally and in writing their grateful appreciation for the outstanding patient care which has been maintained and provided. Truly, there is a grateful public for that which was and is.

What is called for here is the reinforcement and continuation of this essential component facility of health care. The people need to be assured that the emergency room will be covered by high quality personnel dedicated to emergency care and outpatient and in-patient services will continue to be provided, Further, our citizens need to know that the laboratory facilities and radiology centers will remain in tact, viable, and available for citizens and visitors in this area. Our state of the art cardiac and physical therapy units are constantly in demand and used by local and area patients from a broad geographical region. A dependent population of people is reliant on the continued viability of these professional services and units.

We wish to commend the Cattaraugus County Legislature, who on October 22 of this year adopted ACT NO. 519-2003 "Supporting Tri-County Hospital in Gowanda as a full service hospital and mental health services clinic." Particular highest commendations are extended to our District Legislators Elliott J. Ellis and E. James Ellis for spear heading this piece of legislation. The enactment of this resolution is indeed noteworthy.

Truly, Gowanda is a geographical plus. The local hospital facility is an essential necessity for this area. . Let it be said that this generation recognized its duty. That it provided well for the health care needs of those whom now and will in the future live, work, and travel the shinning hill sides and valley of Gowanda, "the gateway to the southern tier." And that is the way we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.