People, Spirit Make Our Area Special

The authors of this column differ in age and somewhat in background but we differ not in our conclusion. After checking Andy's comprehensive computer files and Bob's many yellow pads of records, we conclude that the essences of the quality of life in most any community are the people themselves. A community planning and working together helps to make that community a very special place to live and work. And it is the people who make it that special! It is their pride in each other, their faith in visionary thinking and their conviction that planning and working together makes a difference. There is uniqueness to the texture of this kind of community and we would like to share our observations with you.

In just such communities, it is our perception, that there is a unique spirit of pride that tugs and touches the hearts and minds of its citizens. An air of possibility thinking prevails. The stimulus of this imaginative thinking stems from an unwavering faith in the creative energy and honesty of an involved and motivated public. And this pride can and does come from the people themselves.

We have observed first hand, an unswerving faith in a spirit of volunteerism. We have seen a host of volunteers generously giving of their time, energy, talent and skill to the betterment and safety of this kind of community. These volunteers come from all age groups and they spearhead a surge which strengthens the fabric adding to the texture of living and working and enjoying life in this kind of community. And this faith comes from the people.

We have observed a feeling of pride in its public institutions, pride in its governance structure and personnel. There is a pride in its educational establishment, public safety, business entrepreneurship, health organizations and others. There prevails a spirit of public service by these institutions, which contributes so abundantly to a friendlier, healthier, steadier, and stronger community of people of all ages. And further, there is a sense of pride by an appreciative public for the richness and breath of a community's historical background and of its cultural diversity. And this appreciation emanates from a thoughtful and caring people.

There is a conviction and a determination that one can dare to look ahead of the curve and plan for future generations of citizens. A prevailing theme seems to resonate that what is done well today, provides a healthy foundation for tomorrow's citizens. For the recognition is clear that the foundation of what WE have today was established by past generations and so WE can do no less than what has been done so well for us in the past. And this conviction comes from an appreciative people.

Ah yes, any community can be special. Records from yellow pads and computer files support this; however there is nothing like first- hand expedience to document it. And it is this very thing that we have observed. From Our Perspective, this spirit can best be exemplified by its FAITH, PRIDE, and CONVICTION ...these three... and it can and does come from the people themselves. That is how we see it FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE.